Self care can help create a much more cost effective national health service .  

NHS is working with the Royal College of GPs to build a network of champions to promote person-centred care.

The aim is to encourage a shift in general practice and across local systems to bring the person with long term conditions  to the centre of the decisions which are made about their care, working  in partnership with the practitioner. Read more here. The key is to put people at the heart of health care. To this end the plan is  for health and care services to work in partnership with people and communities to fully realise their value and potential at the heart of health care. The main idea is to support people to manage their own health and care. 


Norovirus can be treated at home. If you come down with Norovirus, also know as the winter vomiting bug, try to treat it at home to avoid imnfecting others. The NHS advises that you don't need to see a GP unless the symptoms persist. For further guidance click here.


New NHS Guidelines on alcohol consumption

It would be unwise to drink more than a bottle and half of wine a week or 5 pints of export lager. Pregnant women are advised to avoid alcohol altogether. See the guidelines.


The new NHS Health Check aims to tackle prevention of heart attacks and strokes by offering a free Check to eligible adults aged 40-74. The Check provides a personal review of the behavioural factors – such as smoking, inactivity, harmful drinking and obesity – that increase the risk of developing a heart attack or stroke, and offers professional advice to modify people's lifestyle. An early assessment has found that the NHS Health Check is effectively identifying and supporting people at risk of developing cardiovascular disease. In addition, a conservative estimate suggests that over the first five years of the programme, at least 2,500 people would have avoided a heart attack or stroke. change. It also helps to detect undiagnosed serious conditions such as hypertension, diabetes and chronic kidney disease.